Planning your wedding can be time consuming and stressful, to say the least. So, of course, brides are always looking for ways to achieve their perfect day with as few hiccups as possible. One way to capitalize on convenience is to consider having a destination wedding. While many brides worry that planning a wedding in another location from where they live will be far from easy, a destination wedding can actually take a huge load off of the planning process. And, as their popularity continues to grow and grow, it is important that brides consider destinations as an option! Because of destination wedding’s fabulous perks, I spoke with Sales Manager, Holly McNeilly, at East Tennessee destination wedding resort Dancing Bear Lodge to find out some of the top reasons brides should consider the convenience of a destination wedding. Read on for Holly’s fabulous tips!

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1. Whole Wedding Weekend

A destination wedding offers a rare and unique opportunity for a bride and groom to spend more quality time with their friends and family than they would with a few-hour ceremony and reception time slot. They also provide the ability to relax with one another and focus on the importance of what the weekend is really about is. For Holly, this is the biggest perk to a destination wedding, allowing the couple to feel as if they are on a vacation before they even leave for the honeymoon.

“One of my favorite things about destinations weddings is the offering of a ‘catch-all,’ if you will. A bride can come and enjoy their friends and family for more than a couple of hours and not be exhausted by the end of it. Typically, with destination weddings our feedback from brides is that they can come relax with friends and family and not be exhausted on their honeymoon night, which, to me, is what it is all about. I think that weddings can derail a little bit from what the focus is suppose to be. Two or three night stays in one spot allows the couple to really focus on exactly what they’re looking for and why they’re getting married.”

{Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding} || The Pink Bride || Image courtesy of Dancing Bear Lodge || #destinationweddings #easttnweddings #tnweddings #dancingbearlodge #smokymountains

2. Long-Lasting Experience

If her wedding goes off without a single hitch, there is still one thing a bride might regret about her special day, and that is how quickly it goes by. Everyone says the day will be gone in the blink of an eye, but I don’t think anyone really understands until they have experienced it themselves. That is why Holly says destination weddings are so wonderful; they provide the couple with an entire weekend, or at least several days, to spend with those that mean the most to them, while reducing all the stress of a rushed single-day event.

“It is nice to have a two, three or four-night experience instead of putting all the same amount of work into a three-hour event. As a planning bride myself–I am getting married in June– I can tell you their is a lot that goes into it. Having put in all this work, I get a little sad thinking it is only going to be one day from 6:30 to 10:00. If I was able to have a destination wedding, I don’t think I would have those feelings that I’m having now. So, speaking from experience, I think that is a great direction that people should be heading. Even if it is just a quick vacation, just traveling 30 minutes to an hour away, you still feel like you’re getting away. People need to realize they don’t have to go a long distance to have a destination wedding.”

{Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding} || The Pink Bride || Image courtesy of Dancing Bear Lodge || #destinationweddings #easttnweddings #tnweddings #dancingbearlodge #smokymountains

3. Reduce Day-of Stress

While it’s rare for a bride to avoid a single stressful moment during the planning process, more than anything, brides should reduce any and all stress on the actual day of the wedding. This is where destinations offer another unique opportunity for the bride to localize all of her big day’s needs in one place. By choosing a destination wedding, Holly says brides can do away with many of the pitfalls that can undoubtedly cause anxiety on the big day such as travel time from one place to another.

“Typically, you wake up that morning, and you go get your hair done then your makeup and nails, if you don’t already have those done. You may do one last spray tan. Then, you have to head to your wedding site to get dressed, have pre-pictures and do this and that. Instead, with a destination wedding, have your hair and makeup done at the same time at the place you’re getting married. So, all you have to do is wake up, eat breakfast and you are on your way instead of constantly driving. The drive time alone is what stresses people out because it’s never going to be the way you think. You rush, rush, rush to get through all this traffic to get to your destinations, and by they time you get to the ceremony site, you’re stressed out. So, if you have it all done at one spot and everyone is coming to you, which is true with destination weddings, you don’t have to worry about any of that.”

{Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding} || The Pink Bride || Image courtesy of Dancing Bear Lodge || #destinationweddings #easttnweddings #tnweddings #dancingbearlodge #smokymountains

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