The Sand Lady of Knoxville and Nashville travel agency Royal Travel details the top five ways to reduce honeymoon planning stress!


Planning the honeymoon can be the most exhilarating part of wedding planning, but it can also be the most stressful. No other vacation will ever have as much meaning as your honeymoon. After all, it’s your first trip as husband and wife! That’s exactly why I chatted with Kali Hanson of Royal Travel, an international travel agency based in Knoxville and Nashville that serves brides and grooms with the ultimate honeymoon planning experience via The Sand Lady. The Sand Lady is a premier part of Royal Travel specifically serving couples with all-inclusive honeymoons and vacations at Sandals and Beaches resorts.

Kali helped me create the five commandments of honeymoon planning to help brides leave the stress behind when planning the biggest trip of their lives, so read on for her expert advice!

Couple is pampered by butler at Sandals Royal Caribbean, featured on The Pink Bride {Top Five Commandments for Your Honeymoon}

1. Use a travel agent.

Travel agents offer most services to you for free since they make their commission directly from the resorts and packages sold. They’re also trained to be an expert in the location you’re going. That helps you avoid unpleasant surprises during your trip – and it’s free. Why wouldn’t you opt for it?

“Allow an expert to help you plan,” Kali details, adding that a travel agent’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable to you whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter. The best part? Royal Travel charges absolutely no fees to travelers, and they guarantee the lowest price.

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2. Decide on your vision for the honeymoon together before you visit a travel agent, and then decide on the right time to travel.

Before you ever sit down with a travel agent, you and your hubby should discuss what your dream honeymoon looks like. This will save serious stress and time when you do sit down with a travel agent!

Also, whether your work schedules clash or you’re wanting to save big on seasonal specials, many contributing factors play in a couple’s decision of where and when to go on the honeymoon.

“We have a significant number of couples who wait to have their honeymoon because they want to travel later when the timing or pricing is better,” Kali explains. She also states that the destination is a big deal along with the price tag. “September and October are generally the best times to travel with costs considered,” she adds.

Still other couples wait to set their wedding date until they’ve settled the best time for their honeymoon, and I have to say, that’s a really smart move! It’s all about priorities when it comes to wedding planning. “We can help them choose the best time to travel,” Kali details, “and we can absolutely help them with their destination wedding ideas, too.” She adds that Caribbean destination weddings are quite popular right now.

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3. Don’t forget your carry-on or other travel essentials.

One of the major perks of dealing with a travel agent, especially The Sand Lady, is the care they take to make sure you’re prepped and ready for safe, stress-free travel. This includes how to pack the perfect carry-on bag and other items.

“We go over a checklist with the bride and groom,” states Kali. “They also get a rack card with tips for packing as well as general travel advice in their packet from us, all in addition to every other document they’ll need. There’s even a place for them to keep their Passports handy and safe during travel!”

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4. Opt for all-inclusive – but don’t forget to ask about transportation costs.

When it comes to staying stress-free on your honeymoon, all-inclusive is definitely the way to go. However, some locales or travel agencies may quote a price that doesn’t include airfare or other transportation costs, so ask about that up-front to get a realistic estimate before signing the dotted line.

“There actually is no industry definition for ‘all-inclusive,’” explains Kali. “But with The Sand Lady, there’s no guesswork involved. Everything is included in your proposal, from airfare to tips. Budgeting is simple because of this – we send you the proposal, and that’s that! No extra costs.” Who wouldn’t love that?

Couple is walk to beach at Sandals Royal Bahamian, featured on The Pink Bride {Top Five Commandments for Your Honeymoon}

5. Always ask about the newlywed perks available!

Many resorts and locales offer free upgrades and other fun options for newlyweds with proof of recent marriage. You just have to know to ask in advance so you can prep!

“Most all-inclusive resorts offer a complimentary honeymoon package,” adds Kali. “The Sand Lady takes care of securing this for you, though! We handle everything for you. You never have to talk to anyone but us.”


Robbie Phillips, The Sand Lady with Royal TravelThe Sand Lady from Royal Travel is a preferred Sandals and Beaches travel agency owned by Robbie (pictured left) and Mike Phillips. Kali is their daughter, and she and Robbie are among only 75 Certified Sandals WeddingMoon Specialists nationwide. Royal Travel has over 20+ years of experience in planning honeymoons. They travel to every resort personally and attend various training sessions to stay up-to-date on the latest news and options found at the resorts.

Kali handles marketing for the company, and Robbie is the main travel agent to help you plan your special trip. The company recently added Ruth Ann to their team as well, and she now serves as the local agent in Nashville!


Does The Sand Lady from Royal Travel sound like the perfect honeymoon travel agency for you? Give them a call today at (865)977-1402 if so, and be sure to visit their website, Facebook, and Pinterest for more information. They can help you find the perfect honeymoon location to anywhere in the world! Tell Robbie and Kali that The Pink Bride sent you.




Images courtesy of Kali Hanson via email.