Trends come and go within the wedding industry all the time. While some stick around for only a short time, others are here for the long haul. One new emerging trend that we are excited to see (and hope lasts for awhile, too) are hiring food trucks for your wedding food!

Yes, food trucks!

Trend Alert: Food Trucks | photo by Sterling Imageworks | The Pink Bride®

Sterling Imageworks


Plenty of Variety

There are tons of food trucks these days ranging from tacos to hot chicken! Your tastes, preferences and even your guests’ fav foods are more than likely available to choose from. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one either. You can have as many as you’d like depending on your wedding venue, so mix and match as you please! A little specialty grilled cheese with a side of fresh Maine lobster? Sure! This definitely helps with any picky guests, too!

Food isn’t the only food truck either! How about some coffee to go with your delicious wedding cake? Yep, there’s a truck for that, too!


Trend Alert: Food Trucks | Honeybee Coffee Company | The Pink Bride®

Honeybee Coffee Company


Unique Menu

With a huge amount of flexibility in your options, your wedding menu is totally unique! Foregone are the days were wedding menus were absolutely blah and boring! See you never guys!

Whether you want to have a similar theme or a completely outrageous mash up, pick and choose different combinations to come up with a menu that is completely you! Speaking of something that sums you up, when else can you say I had my favorite food, aka grilled cheeses, at my wedding?



Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Full of Fun

One of the best parts of having food trucks at your wedding is that it’s so fun and totally unexpected! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this is an excellent option to pair with any outdoor games like cornhole.

Midnight snacks anyone? If you want a more formal dinner reception, why not have food trucks there for any late night cravings on the dance floor!


What are your favorite food trucks you’d like to have at your wedding?


Photos courtesy of:

Sterling Imageworks

Honeybee Coffee Company

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams



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