Wedding receptions can turn out to be some of the best parties, and after any good night of drinks and dancing…a midnight snack is a must! This wedding trend is SO fun and extremely tasty. A midnight snack can be a unique way to add some character to your wedding reception, and will be an enjoyable surprise for your guests. Here are some of our favorite late night munchies!

Donut Bar by Pexels | The Pink Bride®

1.Something Salty

Something Salty Collage by Pexels and Pixabay | The Pink Bride®

There’s nothing like a salty snack to fulfill late night cravings. Serve some french fries with an assortment of unique dipping sauces or jumbo soft pretzels. A popcorn bar can also be fun and delicious!

2. Something Sweet

Something Sweet Collage photos by Pexels and Pixabay | The Pink Bride®

If you have a sweet-tooth, this is the perfect touch for your wedding reception (Sometimes cake just isn’t enough)! If you want an extra “sweet” to cap off your night, an ice cream bar, cookies, macaroons, or fruit and yogurt will be sure to hit the spot. This is a sugar rush you do not want to miss, and will satisfy any guest!

3. Fast Food Favorites

Favorite Fast Food by Pexels and Pixabay | The Pink Bride®

A foolproof way to keep your party going strong is to have the reception flooded with everyone’s favorite fast food. Imagine your guests with Taco Bell, Zaxby’s, or Krystal as they tear up the dance floor…YUM. There’s something about a cheeseburger or pizza that will make any party automatically better. These midnight snacks are a must.


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