Shave like a Groom

Located in Greeneville, Tennessee and serving East Tennessee, Tyler Aiken, owner of Aiken Beard and Barber, is changing up the wedding day, get-ready game for grooms and their guys supporting them at the altar. Gone are the days bride-only professional hair services on the wedding day!

“It’s time we give grooms and their groomsmen the special attention the wedding day calls for. The brides love it and grooms never regret the extra self-care, especially on the big day. That’s what my services are all about. It’s your day, too, men.”

Tyler Aiken, Owner of Aiken Beard & Barber

The Grooms Party Gift That Keeps Giving

Nothing beats the power and allure of a well groomed man. We all know that one groomsmen that may show up to the wedding with the more than appropriate amount of scruff or the beard that looks like it could use from extra care. Tyler Aiken has crafted the perfect “gift” for any bride-to-be to consider for her groom and his main cast of men. Whether it be straight razor shaves, beard care, or perhaps, some much needed haircuts. Tyler is there to ensure your groom’s party is picture ready and on time for the day’s festivities.

Amazing Shots of Groom and His Guys Getting Ready

What’s better than those over-done shots of a groom buttoning his shirt? Your groom getting a straight razor shave or standing behind his father while he does. These photos will be captivating and unique for the whole group and stand out!

Tailored Services for Every Wedding

Tyler knows every groom and group will have different needs. Not everyone will need hot towel, shave, massage, facial cleansing cream, but some might. Tyler offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Beard Trim
  • Hair Cut and Style
  • Neck Trim
  • Waxing (brows, nose, ears, etc.)
  • Head Shave
  • Beard Care
  • Special Group Pricing!

New Cut, New Groom Confidence

Just like the bride, the groom deserves to look and feel his best! Aiken Beard and Barber specializes in taking his unique services on the road to the groom and his groomsmen so they can feel confident, lifted up, and ready for the day celebrating matrimony.

It really is a gift and a trend that we’re happy to see coming to the East Tennessee wedding market.

Aiken Beard and Barber at The Pink Tri-Cities Wedding Show: February 27, 2022

In addition to offering a giveaway on social media during the week before the show (check it out here!), Tyler will be offering exclusive promotions at The Tri-Cities Pink Bride Wedding Show including wedding day packages for groom’s parties. Soon-to-be brides will be connected with premier vendors in East Tennessee, just like Aiken Beard and Barber, on packages and discounts for their wedding day.

Buy tickets to The Tri-Cities Pink Bride Wedding Show here.