One of the most delightful elements of planning a wedding is deciding on the wardrobe. Although the big white dress usually gets the most attention, there is another part of the wedding attire equation that deserves some consideration as well…what is the groom wearing?


WhTuxedo Tips: How to Get Your Groom Looking Wedding-Ready! // The Pink Bride Blog // Image courtesy of Street Tuxedo websiteen most people think of tuxedos for weddings, they conjure up an image of the standard black James Bond-like version that has been the overwhelmingly popular choice for those wanting a traditional look for the groom and the rest of the men in the wedding party. However, if your groom wants to stand out and still look classic on your wedding day, he should not feel like the standard black is the only option. I spoke with Mark Street, one of the owners of Street Tuxedo in Nashville, to learn how grooms can look their best with a fresh, yet still formal, look for the big day. Read on for three questions you will want to know answers to before deciding on the attire for your man!


1. Is the bride’s dress ivory, or is it white?

Although the grooms may not know exactly what they are looking for when they walk into Street Tuxedo, Mark says the brides who accompany them usually have a pretty good idea themselves! Whether the groom is going for a traditional look or a trendier adaptation, one of the first questions Mark will ask is whether the bride’s gown is ivory or white. This helps determine what color shirts the men in the wedding party will wear.


2. What color are the bridesmaids wearing?Tuxedo Tips: How to Get Your Groom Looking Wedding-Ready! // The Pink Bride Blog // Image courtesy of Street Tuxedo website

Next, it is important to find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing in order to match or complement the vests and ties the men decide on. While many men choose to wear the regular neck ties with their formal wear, Mark has noticed bow ties becoming increasingly popular with grooms as well. It all depends on the level of formality of the event and individual tastes of the couples.


3. Is the groom against wearing a traditional black tuxedo?

When the couple is looking to vary from the traditional style, Mark suggests a tan or gray suit with a matching vest for the groom. He notes that the heather gray color has been especially sought-after for weddings lately. If grooms want to add a splash of color but still keep the formality, Mark advises adding a colored tie and keeping the vests the same color as the tuxedo. He explains that some couples believe wearing the colored vests gives the men in their wedding party more of a high school prom, rather than wedding, look to them.


Tuxedo Tips: How to Get Your Groom Looking Wedding-Ready! // The Pink Bride Blog // Image courtesy of Street Tuxedo website



Searching for formal wear for a wedding is already stressful to begin with, so it is important to trust the store where you are shopping. Street Tuxedo is family-owned and has been in business since 2000. They have four locations in the Nashville area ready to serve couples planning their weddings. Because they are family-owned, they take a lot of pride on how their tuxedos fit and want to make sure their customers are 100% happy with their wedding wardrobe. Another plus for the bride and groom is that Street Tuxedo’s warehouse is local, which means that if orders need to be changed, new pieces can be ordered in an hour – rather than having to wait days or weeks with some of the bigger tuxedo shops. Mark offers customers a free trial program where the groom can order two or three different styles he likes in his measurements. He can then try them all on so he and his bride can decide what style suits him best without making a financial commitment beforehand.




Give Street Tuxedo a call at (615) 771-0948 to keep your dashing groom and the rest of the men in your wedding party looking stylish. Check out the store’s website too, and tell Mark that The Pink Bride sent you!


All photos courtesy of Street Tuxedo website.