So you may have seen what is being called “The Hobby Lobby Challenge” going around lately, where people are having impressive photoshoots in the craft store. However, it seems that Knoxville’s own Danielle Evans is a trendsetter with this amazing engagement shoot, located at Stanley’s Greenhouse. It just goes to show that with a photographer as talented as Danielle, anything is possible!

Have an Open Mind

Couple taking engagement pictures inside a greenhouse by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

Whatever your location, whether you think it’d be considered a “photoshoot location” or not, trust that your photographer can create the pictures of your dreams! We love the idea of taking pictures in a place like a greenhouse; it is so completely unique! This location gave Danielle the ability to make some art that is truly stunning and gives this couple amazing pictures to look back on.

Work With The Location

Couple sitting and kissing under the open roof of a greenhouse by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

Don’t try to hide or change the location, appreciate it! This greenhouse shoot has some amazing photo opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else, so they used that to their advantage! Whatever your location, highlight its qualities and let them really shine in your images.

Choose The Right Photographer

Black and white image of engaged couple kissing by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

An important tip in any situation, but choosing the right photographer is especially important if you’re looking to have a photoshoot in a non-traditional location! You want to find someone who is flexible and willing to go with the flow, while still having the talent and knowledge to create pictures that are unforgettable. We think you’ll find that with Danielle Evans Photography!

Inspiration, Not Replication

Collage of engaged couple in greenhouse and engagement ring on succulent by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

You may have seen a photoshoot online that you just loved, and that’s great! Show your partner, show your photographer, and take inspiration from that shoot. But, don’t attempt to replicate it. You are a unique couple, in a unique location, with a different photographer; it isn’t going to turn out exactly like the photoshoot you saw online! In fact, if you take inspiration and then make it your own, it will turn out even better!

Appreciate Your Unique Pictures

Couple kissing outside of Stanley's Greenhouse by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

Appreciate the fact that you and your partner now have completely unique pictures taken in an unlikely location, and which turned out to be incredible! Choosing an untraditional location, like this local greenhouse, is such a great way to guarantee pictures that are uncommon and super special for you and your S.O.!



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