Rustic Chattanooga wedding inspiration and decor, featured on The Pink Bride {Real Wedding: Jake + Christina}Rustic Chattanooga wedding inspiration and decor, featured on The Pink Bride {Real Wedding: Jake + Christina}


Christina Humphrey & Jake Broome


Cover Contest Runners Up!

Featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Chattanooga Pink Bride Magazine


Tell us about your love story:

Jake and I went to college together but didn’t know each other even though we shared a lot of the same friends. I knew who he was and had always thought he was cute. I remembered seeing him at school wearing medical scrubs, so I was sure he was pre-med. Little did I know, he just liked wearing scrub pants! Even though we had all this in common, it was actually a chance meeting at a local hangout that brought us together. He was sitting at a table full of people I knew, so I made my move. We ended up talking all night, and the next night, and the next…you get the picture.
Jake and I are a great match for each other for a lot of reasons. We have similar upbringings, he is patient when I am anxious, we know when to be serious and thoughtful and when to be a little more lighthearted. We always communicate and have a mutual respect for each other and want each other to succeed. We laugh a lot. But the main reason we are so happy together is that we both value our relationship with God and constantly rely on Him to guide us through this life He has created for us.
Jake and I dated for 5 1/2 years before he proposed. I knew that he was the one and he knew, but we wanted to make sure that we grew in our relationship together. It is so easy to rush into things that we wanted to take our time and make sure that we understood the commitment we were entering into. Finally, Jake decided he was ready to propose. Jake had a motorcycle and one of our favorite rides was to ride up on Raccoon Mountain to the TVA reservoir and watch the sunset. So that was not out of the ordinary. Jake had brought his camera and said he wanted to take pictures of his motorcycle because he was thinking of selling it, and the sunset was so beautiful, he just thought he would get some pictures of it to show to friends. He reached in his motorcycle seat and pulled out a rose bud. Then he fished around in his pocket for what seemed like forever and finally pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. He said a lot of really beautiful, thoughtful, and sweet things, but most of all, he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I was shaking and literally almost fainted. I couldn’t believe that after all this time, he was giving me the one gift I had always wanted: his heart. He got down on one knee, and I didn’t even let him continue, I just started dancing and hugging him and saying yes, yes, yes! Then he pointed out the camera on the guard rail that was supposedly being set up to take pictures of the motorcycle and us with the sunset…and it had been set to video, and he had recorded the whole proposal! It was the sweetest thing to be able to watch it over and over and also to be able to have this very private and sincere experience, but be able to share it with our friends and family afterwards. I still get so emotional every time I watch it!


The wedding planning process:

We were engaged for 11 months. My mom helped tremendously, and of course, my sweet fiancé was incredibly helpful. We went to several bridal shows to get ideas for locations, vendors and decor. We hired a “day-of” planner just to ensure that everything would go smoothly on the day of so that I could just focus on Jake and our friends and family. The most important thing to me with our wedding was making sure that we had a day that reflected both of us, the life we have created together, and ensuring that we could share it with our friends and family. We tried to be very cost-savvy and to make sure that we kept the focus on what we felt comfortable with.


The budget:

The photography was very important to us. We ended up doing our engagement, wedding and even a day-after shoot. The day-after shoot was actually a week after our wedding (after the honeymoon), and it was one of the best decisions we feel that we made. We were able to get “more bang for our buck” and we got to go to a different location than our wedding and have a completely different setting. Plus, we weren’t distracted by the wedding details going on and the schedule like we could have been on the wedding day.

We saved the most by DIYing our invites and by collecting and crafting most of our decor. We have really talented friends and family, and we reached out to them to help us where they could. My brother does video production, so he did our video; our family friends showed up to set up the ceremony and the reception; a family friend who is a judge married us. We found that people really want to help you, but they don’t want to impose on you. So if you ask them to help out in ways that they feel useful…they are actually very grateful for the opportunity to help where they are needed.


Recap your big day:

All of my crying at the wedding actually was the funniest part! I was convinced all along that our dads and Jake would be the ones who would cry on the wedding day. But I ended up being the only one who cried! It was a very emotional day for me, obviously, and I was so happy, and so ready to just be married to him. Our wedding day was definitely a labor of love, and I was so proud to be his wife!
The most memorable was that we did a “first look” and actually saw each other in the courtyard before the wedding. We both were very nervous about seeing each other for the first time and having a sincere reaction when all of our guests were staring at us trying to get that “first look.” It was probably one of the better decisions we made regarding our wedding day. I think our traditional mothers were a little confused about the decision but in the end, they were so happy we did this as well!
We did a unity candle, except when we went to blow out the candles, I couldn’t reach mine! So Jake had to blow out my candle. We had just said out vows, which I barely was able to do through tears, so this lighthearted moment made all of our guests laugh!


What about the details?

I wanted a very classic, clean, crisp look, so I used linen, gray and navy blue. I also wanted something that was very Southern but with modern touches. I really wanted everything to reflect back on the city we love, Chattanooga. The ceremony didn’t need much decoration at all since the Grandview is already so beautiful, and the view of the valley is so stunning. Since the reception was in a pavilion, I really wanted it to be casual but yet still stylish. I bought fabric and made tablecloths and runners, and I collected lanterns, vases, trinkets, and so on throughout the months. To thank our family and friends for being there for us, we gave everyone “Chattanooga goods” and gave Rock City Rock candy, Double Cola and Moonpies! Our out-of-town guests loved the nod to the scenic city! We also gave a donation to one of our favorite charities in honor of each guest.


Marriage and Advice:

The best advice is to remember that it isn’t all about you and a wedding. It’s about a marriage. This is a day to celebrate a life that you are building together. A commitment. You don’t need to stress about little things and worry yourself over things that just don’t matter. What matters is this person that has chosen you and you have chosen him, and no matter if it’s a small backyard wedding or a big, fancy party, whether it rains or shines, or you run behind schedule…you are about to marry the love of your life. Let go of the little things and enjoy yourself. Oh, and allow people to help you.
We have had so much fun being married. We have a lot of memories and a lot to look forward to. We are best friends, and we get to share life together…what more could you want?


Anything you’d like to add?

We had an outdoor wedding, and everyone kept telling me to make sure I had a “Plan B for the weather.” Although I was very adamant that it couldn’t rain, the weather was the one thing I couldn’t control. It was cloudy and overcast on our wedding day. It was perfect. It didn’t rain a drop until the guests had left that night. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you need to constantly remind yourself that you can’t control the weather…all you can do is plan. But don’t let your vision of the perfect day be ruined by a little rain or chilly weather.
One of the things that I loved and will always cherish as well is my wedding dress. It was perfect and totally fit my personality! I didn’t rush into a decision, and once I decided on the dress, I waited until there was a trunk sale for that designer so that I could get it for a little bit of a discount. The staff at Boutique Couture was absolutely fabulous and let me “visit” my dress any time I wanted!



Photographer: Daisy Moffatt Photography

Wedding Planner: The Finishing Touch Wedding & Event Planning, Trinity Pearson

Florist: Grafe Studios

Ceremony Location & Caterer: Grandview

Cake: Kimmee’s Cakes & Café

Bridal Shop: Boutique Couture

Formalwear: Monica’s

Reception Location: Rock City Pavilion

Transportation: Chattanooga Double Decker

Music/Entertainment: Sound Force

Hair: Dream Hair Studio

Makeup: Candace Hernandez