You’ve set the date and booked the venue. Now it’s time to start envisioning the colors that will complement your wedding vision!



Searching for a relaxing and comforting color theme for your special day? Then blue is perfect for you! Calm and accepting, blue is the color of tranquility and stability in Western culture and healing and relaxation in Eastern culture. Many religions associate blue with heaven or divinity. Most people throughout the world love this safe and non-threatening color, across gender and culture.  The color is sometimes associated with abstract concepts like loyalty, trust and dependability.


A blue wedding will create a relaxing and peaceful mood for your wedding where blue sooths and comforts all present. Choosing a blue wedding theme can identify you as a reserved, dependable and compassionate individual.

Used in weddings year-round, blue is especially popular with winter and spring weddings.


When selecting your colors, consider the shade of blue that fits you:


 Shades of Blue Wedding Meanings - dark light deep bright shades | The Pink Bride


While fun on its own, you can blend your friendly shade of blue with other colors to add more depth of color and layered meanings.


Wedding Color Palette - blue burgandy and peach color palette with images by Jennie Andrews Photography | The Pink Bride


Combine red with blue for a bright and unexpected display of color. Together, these contrasting colors combine the heavy passion of red with the gentle acceptance of blue in an explosive juxtaposition of warm and cool.


Wedding Color Palette - blue and coral color palette with images by Laura Kay Photography | The Pink Bride


While normally, a color of cool, collected balance, blue becomes electrified by orange, it’s complementary color. Orange’s animated, spontaneous and outgoing playfulness balances blue’s calm, dependable and quiet maturity. If opposites attract in your relationship, this duo might be the perfect personification.


Wedding Color Palette - blue green and yellow color palette with images by Shanelle Bledsoe | The Pink Bride


Lighten and brighten up blue’s calm maturity with yellow’s warm youthfulness. Together blue and yellow tell a story of quiet intelligence and hopeful optimism.

Often associated with sky or water, blue is a natural fit for the color of Earth and growth, green. Gentle and dependable blue benefits from green’s organic and quiet energy, keeping the color palette cool without competing for attention.


Wedding Color Palette - blue pink and green whimsical color palette with images by Jessica Lee Photographic Art | The Pink Bride


To add a feminine softness, introduce pink to the color palette. Often associated with the different genders, blue and pink find balance when paired in similar values and shades. Pastels will gently suggest delicate sweetness and traditional tranquility. Brighter shades will feel more modern and playful, combining pink’s flirty energy with blue’s electric appeal.


Shades of Blue Wedding Meanings - Blue inspiration collage with images by Bethany Veach Photography and Kadees Approach Photography | The Pink Bride


            Blue weddings take the time to slow down and celebrate life’s beautiful, calm moments worth savoring. Submerged in a sea of tranquil blue, you can face your true love with a level head and an open heart.