You’ve set the date and booked the venue. Now it’s time to start envisioning the colors that will complement your wedding vision!


Wedding Color meaning palettes and inspiration - Yellow | The Pink Bride®


Looking to infuse your special day with a burst of joyful color? Yellow is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Bright and cheerful, yellow is the color of happiness and hope in most cultures around the world. There’s a good reason why yellow leaves most people smiling.  Associated with light, this perky color is overflowing with positivity and excitement. A yellow wedding will create a luminous and light atmosphere. While bright, it is often gentle and will fit into most color palettes without overwhelming the senses.  

Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum because the human eye processes it first. Some studies believe that yellow can help activate memory, encourage communication and build confidence. Looking radiant in the color of sunshine, if you choose a yellow theme, it may identify you as a lighthearted optimist. Often used in spring and fall weddings, yellow harmonizes with lighter colors and contrasts with darker colors. Uplifting and illuminating, yellow is the perfect complement to any wedding.


When selecting your colors, consider the shade of yellow that fits your personality and wedding vision. 


shades of yellow wedding meanings Infographic | The Pink Bride®


Mix yellow with other colors to layer meanings and add more visual interest to your yellow wedding. 


color palette yellow lilac purple pink succulent green white | The Pink Bride®


For a soft, more feminine feel, add pink to the color palette. When paired with yellow, pink absorbs yellow’s joyful energy and creates a softer, gentler atmosphere.

Combine yellow with red for a bright and unexpected display of color. Together these colors suggest heat and combine the heavy passion of red with the cheerful acceptance of yellow.


color palette yellow peach pink white green navy | The Pink Bride®


For a more harmonious warm palette, orange will energize yellow and create a fun, tropical atmosphere.

To lend yellow a more natural appeal, green will balance out yellow’s bright, unabashed positive energy. Despite  its warmness, alongside green, yellow blends with cool colors with ease.


Wedding color palette yellow blue green | The Pink Bride®


If you desire to calm down yellow and give it a sense of quiet tranquility, blue will bring a cool thoughtfulness to the palette. Together yellow and blue tell a story of bright optimism and reserved patience.

For a stark and vibrant contrast, pair yellow with its complementary color, purple. Juxtaposed side by side, these two colors magnify the other, making them appear brighter and more saturated. Purple’s rich and elegant hue adds a creative and more spiritual edge to yellow’s light and sunny disposition.


color palette golden sunflower yellow grape purple-pink lime navy | The Pink Bride®


If you seek a sophisticated, modern atmosphere with yellow as an electrifying jolt of color, then black is on your palette. Formal and heavy, black will ground light and stimulating yellow, allowing you to control exactly where you want your pop of color in your yellow wedding.

Feeling less adventurous, but still want your pop of sunny yellow? Gray is a popular choice to highlight yellow, with elegance and subtlety. This versatile color can be used in sleek modern weddings as well as rustic informal weddings.


Yellow wedding meanings and inspiration | The Pink Bride®

Yellow wedding meanings and inspiration | The Pink Bride®


A yellow wedding is a celebration of optimistic love and happiness. In a halo of sunny yellow, your special day can’t help but be filled with warm hearts and joyful smiles.


Yellow wedding meanings and inspiration | The Pink Bride®