The statistics don’t lie. Unless you’re a solidly confident woman or are naturally fit and toned, an impending wedding probably has the power to make you painfully conscious of your weight.

With that in mind, I chatted with Tri-Cities and Murfreesboro health guru Rachel Sandstodt of ViSalus Body by Vi to unravel three of the top behaviors and thoughts brides should not have when trying to reach a dieting goal leading up to their Tennessee wedding. Check out what Rachel had to say below!

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1. Don’t become obsessed.

It’s one thing to have a goal to be healthier for your new husband, but it’s another one entirely to be a calorie-counting fanatic who loses sight of the fact that she’s more than a number on a scale or measuring tape. Besides, wedding planning is stressful enough on its own without adding the uniquely harsh criticism of yourself that comes with obsessive dieting!

“Keep in mind that adding more stress to your daily life by being obsessed with your weight ultimately causes your weight to increase,” Rachel explains. “You’ll produce hormones which aid in bloating your body and making you store more fat!”


2. Don’t buy your dress in a much smaller size with hopes that it will add to your weight-loss resolve.

You know how your seamstress tells you that she can generally take something in a whole lot easier than she can let it out? This is especially true for your once-in-a-lifetime (likely expensive!) wedding gown. Rachel details that while some brides opt to do this and end up with great results, your weight loss goals and timeframe must be realistic to even consider it.

“If you’re a year out, rather than six months or less, you could feasibly order your gown in one size smaller,” she details. We agree! Your seamstress can alter the gown to fit your body perfectly, even if it’s a size too big by the month of your wedding. That’s a whole lot better if you don’t hit your weight loss goals than scrambling to either lose weight fast (and unhealthily) or buy another gown in a bigger size that wasn’t what you really wanted to wear!


Image of woman holding scale courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net3. Don’t let missing your goals make you feel like a failure.

So many different factors come into play with weight loss, from activity level to age to life situations which cause stress or fatigue. The whole point of your weight loss goal to begin with should always be, first and foremost, to be a healthier you.

“As long as you focus on being fit and healthy, and you’ve changed your lifestyle to lead a healthier life in the future, you’re a winner!” Rachel exclaims. I say that that’s a fact, whether or not the number on the scale tells you so. After all, you already hooked Prince Charming, and he loves you for you…not your weight.


Body by Vi isn’t your average weight-loss shake and products. According to Rachel, it’s amazing for up to two meal replacements each day but can also be used as a recovery drink to enhance the effectiveness of your active lifestyle. In fact, Rachel describes that it’s so nutritious and so convenient for different dietary restrictions that it’s used in meals for the needy and even after-school programs that feed children. The shakes are gluten-free, contain only 1 gram of sugar, and have 12 grams of protein per serving. In other words, she states that it’s perfect to help you lose weight and add more nutrition that your body needs during your stressful wedding planning months!

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Rachel has been working with Body by Vi since July 2012. After a long history of battling with her own body image in unhealthy ways, she was introduced to ViSalus and has had absolutely amazing results that revolutionized her life in many constructive ways. She now leads a healthy, active lifestyle with her family and loves to show others how amazing the ViSalus Body by Vi nutritional system is – especially brides-to-be on potentially faulty yo-yo diets! She even loves working with groups, so talk to her about starting a program with your bridesmaids today.


A Tennessee native for 10 years currently residing in Georgia, Rachel can be a ViSalus representative for anyone in any state. Call her today at (706) 551-2868 and tell her your weight loss goals. Connect with her also via her website. She’ll set up a customized plan for you based on an active lifestyle and nutrition-packed diet with Body by Vi! Tell her The Pink Bride sent you!



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