Narrowing down a wedding guest list can be one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning. It’s your big day, so of course, you want all of the special people in your life to be there to witness it!

However, once you have a certain budget or a maximum capacity number in mind, then your guest list may need to decrease. This can sometimes be difficult when you or your fiancé have a large family or many friends that you would like to be at your wedding. Or what about those distant relatives that you haven’t spoken to in over a year? Or the obligatory feeling you have about inviting that co-worker?

All of these variables that you have to consider when planning out your guest list can become quite overwhelming for any bride. Take it from me … I also had a hard time compiling my own guest list! Therefore, I’ve come up with a wedding guest list manager that will help you narrow down your decisions on who makes the list and who gets crossed off. For those guests who you are unsure whether to invite, start at the top of this chart and answer the questions. Once you make it to the bottom of the chart, you’ll have your answer! Simple as that!


Guest List Manager To Invite or Not To Invite | The Pink Bride