Candy wedding guest favor with wedding rings, photographed by Knoxville wedding photography company Bledsoe Photography, featured on The Pink Bride

Many Tennessee brides look at the wedding favors for their guests as no more than a traditional obligation. Add to that fact a list of to-do’s before you say “I do” that’s as long as your arm, and you’ll likely notice the wedding favors slipping lower and lower on your priorities list. It is because of this unintentional yet avoidable fact that Tennessee brides often make wedding favor blunders that stick (or don’t stick) with their guests.

Not to fear, though! I’m here with five tips while planning out your wedding favor strategy that will help you view your wedding favors as more than an obligation, resulting in an amazing gift opportunity for your wedding guests. Read on find out what you should avoid today!



1. Purchase wedding favors within your budget, but don’t skimp on the sentimental value!

Your wedding guests have traveled from near and far to be with you on the happiest day of your life, so consider your wedding favors as a personal “thank you” to them. While you don’t need to spend tons of money on each guest favor, you do need to put some thought and planning into it. Otherwise, you’ll likely spend hundreds of dollars on something guests will leave behind or simply toss in the trash before the night’s over. Choose a wedding favor that meshes well with the theme of your wedding or illustrates a portion of your unique love story.


Tennessee wedding guest favors made of candy,  photographed by Knoxville wedding photography company Bledsoe Photography, featured on The Pink Bride

2. Giving a unique wedding favor – and having it make sense to guests – means you need to uncomplicate the gifting process with epic labeling.

When you opt for a unique favor, the burden is on you to explain what the guest favor is all about to help guests make the connection! Not everyone will be privy to the little details of your love story, so make it simple for them by spelling out what the favor means to you guys on the little thank-you note you attach to it. In other words, not everyone will understand that you are gifting mini, personalized silver measuring spoons because your new hubby proposed while helping you bake your grandma’s famous lemon cake. To those individuals, your measuring spoon gift will seem…well, weird. Help them understand, and you’ll have a fabulous conversation piece as well as something that likely won’t be thrown away before guests even reach their cars at the end of the night!

Fan wedding guest favors for a summer wedding,  photographed by Knoxville wedding photography company Bledsoe Photography, featured on The Pink Bride

3. Be aware that DIY wedding guest favors might not turn out as planned.

Ah…the DIY guest favor. Or, as I like to call it, the random favor that almost always gets replaced by the organza bag filled with Hershey kisses.

Please be aware that while some DIY wedding guest favors can be seriously cute, others can seriously take their toll on your bridal stress level prior to the big day. After all, we’re talking about creating 150 – 200 or more of the same item, on top of all your other obligations to complete before the day. That is why many DIY guest favors tend to turn into something that is less than what was planned, leaving you disappointed, and leaving guests with a raised eyebrow by the end of the night.

The most popular DIY guest favor I see is the organza bag filled with Hershey kisses, which may or may not be labeled as, “A bag full of kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs.!” Don’t get me wrong; I love Hershey kisses! But they’re normally gifted because they’re inexpensive, quick to make, and have little to no emotional impact or tie to your day, so they require little effort to explain. Overall, they’re an acceptable guest favor, but do they add to your day, and will they be something guests will remember? Maybe, maybe not! Perhaps going for more of a gourmet food favor, including morsels by a local chocolatier or cupcakes from a nearby bakery would be more memorable! (The best detail? You likely won’t have to DIY anything about these!)

Moonshine wedding guest favors,   photographed by Knoxville wedding photography company Bledsoe Photography, featured on The Pink Bride

4. Be careful with a wedding favor that guests won’t immediately understand is something they can take home.

I once was at a wedding with an open bar where the guest favors were these fabulous etched glass tumblers boasting the couple’s names, wedding date, and a fab skyline of the wedding venue. Over half of these tumblers were left at the end of the night because guests weren’t aware that they could actually take them home! So, take my advice from #2: label your guest favors very well so that guests understand they can keep them. Then have someone remind guests as they leave to take their favors along.

Caramel apples and popcorn balls as wedding guest favors at Tennessee wedding,  photographed by Knoxville wedding photography company Bledsoe Photography, featured on The Pink Bride

5. Not having enough guest favors for each guest is a big no-no.

Nothing screams “poor planning” more than not having enough guest favors for each guest at the end of the night! (Well…outside of not having enough food or chairs.) My rule of thumb is to take a cue from your Tennessee wedding caterer: have enough on hand for all of your RSVP’d guests, plus 10% more for unexpected guests. You’ll be glad you did!



Do you have a story or tip about wedding guest favors? Feel free to leave it in the comments below!



Images courtesy of Knoxville wedding photography company, Bledsoe Photography.