Is there anything more annoying than having a seriously bad hair day?  Makeup faux pas can often be fixed with ease, but taming flyaway-prone, frizzy hair is a totally different story.  Taking on one of the most important days of your life means you have to have the perfect hair to match, and with our tips, you’ll be falling head over heels for your perfect wedding day do!


Bride with Braided Hairstyle | Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts | Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®



Have a Hair Trial

Before your big day, schedule an appointment with your stylist to go over 3 to 4 potential hairstyles for your wedding day.  Make sure you bring photos of styles you like and any headpieces or accents you want to add to your look. This should happen at least 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding.

Speak Up

Show your stylist photos of your wedding inspiration, the reception area and photos of your dress so they can get a good idea of what style will complement your bridal aesthetic.  You’re the only one that knows what you truly want, so be sure to say something if you don’t feel like something is working or needs to be improved.

Listen to Others

One of the last things you want to be is a bridezilla.  Even if you are sure of what style you are looking for, try to be open to suggestions from both your stylist and bridal party.  Remember to be open-minded. Your stylist has likely done hundreds of weddings and if you give them the freedom to expand on your idea, you may be able to reach a place where you find a style you love.  Although you may be set on an elegant chignon, your hair trial is a chance to experiment and try looks you may not have been interested in before. Let those around you suggest styles for you to try and you never know – you may be surprised!


Bride & Bridesmaids with Updos | Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts | Elizabeth Looney Photography | The Pink Bride®


Pro Tip:

Take pictures of each hairstyle from different angles.  Your wedding photos will be taken from every angle (even your bad side), so doing this will give not only give you a preview of what it will look like on the big day, but will also make it easier to decide on one later!


Bride with Elegant Curled Sideswept Hair | Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts | Details Nashville | The Pink Bride®



Make Any Major Hair Changes

One of the worst mistakes a bride can make is making a major hair change in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  While it may be tempting to dye your hair red, try highlights, or get those bangs you’ve been wanting, it may not look as great as you thought it would on your big day.   There’s nothing worse than walking down the aisle with a haircut you don’t like so that’s why it’s important to let any new style sit for at least 3 to 4 weeks.


 Assume the Language of Hair

Even though you may understand what a “bun” is, the term may have multiple different meanings depending on what stylist you go to. Try to brush up on wedding hair terminology such as a top knot, dutch braid and french twist. This will save you from any added frustration on your big day.


Have Unrealistic Expectations

Results will not always be the same as you may have imagined.  Because everyone has different hair length, texture and density, not everyone can look exactly the person in the photo.  Get to know your hair and embrace what works best for you instead of an imagined version of how your hair should be.


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What kind of wedding day hair do you imagine for your big day?


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