Is your guilty pleasure binge-watching old episodes of Sex and the City? (It’s one of mine – thank you, HBO Go.) There is SO much wedding inspo throughout the series: beginning with Charlotte and Trey’s traditional wedding to Carrie’s dramatic wedding scenario in the movie. For all the Carrie Bradshaw lovers out there, we’ve put together wedding styles that combine Carrie’s oh-so-dramatic New York Library wedding and her minimalist courthouse wedding with Mr. Big.

The Dress

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Looks from Pinterest | The Pink Bride®

It’s is no secret that Carrie’s courthouse wedding attire differs drastically from her New York Library wedding dress. Carrie’s first wedding dress is bold, beautiful, and makes a statement. Her courthouse wedding attire is much more simplistic, chic, and practical. Here are several dresses from Glitz Bridal that compliment each of Carrie’s wedding day looks.


Dramatic Ball Gown from Glitz Bridal Nashville | The Pink Bride®

This wedding gown makes a statement, similar to Carrie’s New York Library wedding gown. This gown is even more similar to the one she wore during her VOGUE fashion shoot! Carrie would definitely approve.

Minimalist Wedding Gown from Glitz Bridal Nashville | The Pink Bride®

Similar to Carrie’s courthouse look, this wedding dress is stunning and timeless. While not over-the-top, it is still breathtaking.

Wedding Gown with Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Neckline from Glitz Bridal Nashville | The Pink Bride®

This gown is the perfect combo of Carrie’s two looks. It has the dramatic and similar neckline to her New York Library gown and has the simplicity of her courthouse wedding look.

The Hair

Carrie’s best hair quality is VOLUME! Whether her hair is up, down, or somewhere in between, it is more times than not…BIG! Any Carrie Bradshaw lover would want a full-head of curls for their special day. The bigger…the better.

Bridal party with curly hair photographed by Elizabeth Looney Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comCouple Kissing by Sunsphere photographed by Waldorf Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®

The Makeup

Carrie Bradshaw is effortlessly gorgeous. She can rock a total glam look or go more natural. One of Carrie’s ‘makeup musts’ is her rosy cheeks! A Carrie-inspired bride would focus on highlighting and contouring to really show off her cheekbones and jawline.Closeup Bridal Photo with Makeup by Bangs and Blush photographed by Sarah McCafrey | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comMakeup Brushes photographed by Waldorf Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®

The Accessories

If you love Carrie Bradshaw…you know what her favorite accessory is. SHOES! To Carrie, shoes are the most important part of any outfit, no matter what the occasion. Shoes can be overlooked by many brides and can sometimes be an afterthought. Though, this would not be the case for a Carrie Bradshaw wedding. The shoes should be the star of the show!

Gorgeous Bridal Shoes photographed by Elizabeth Looney Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comBride getting our of a town car photographed by ST Photography | The Pink Bride®

The Theme

“I wanna be a part of it…New York, New York!” A Carrie Bradshaw inspired wedding would be under the bright lights of a big city, in true New York fashion. Taxis, rooftops, skylines, hotels, and more can be incorporated into any New York themed wedding.

The Hermitage Hotel for a New York Themed Wedding | The Pink Bride®

Would you have a Carrie Bradshaw inspired wedding? Comment below to let us know!


Photography Credits:

Glitz Bridal

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