Wedding Superstition #5: Why Wear White? // The Pink Bride // Photo courtesy of Candace Wilson Photography






For many of us, few aspects of a wedding day seem to scream bride more than a gorgeous white wedding dress. That’s why for some, it’s hard to believe that white wasn’t always the color of choice for brides in the Western world! Where did the white wedding dress tradition start, and why? Read on to find out!



The Western world owes thanks to Queen Victoria for beginning the trend of white wedding dresses in 1840. Back then, wearing white was a huge display of wealth, since white stains so easily and therefore needed an army of servants to clean often. Most brides of that time wore darker colors or merely their best dress for their wedding.








Economic and social milestones throughout the years have further shaped the bridal fashion world far past the standard set forth by Queen Victoria. For example, white gowns did not actually become the standard for brides to wear at weddings until after World War II, when the economy was booming, and factories were creating more synthetic fibers. This made white gowns more affordable to many families, regardless of social stance or wealth.


Still yet, many today view a bride wearing white as symbolic for purity and fidelity. Really, though, it comes down to how you feel in your dress – whether it’s white or red! The symbolism can be as meaningful as you want it to be. Just make sure you check to see if stark white meshes well with your complexion. A similar shade, like champagne, ivory, or an off-white, just might highlight your features better than white. The color is sometimes an unforgiving shade that can highlight paleness in very fair skin tones, so don’t limit yourself!


Wedding Superstition #5: Why Wear White? // The Pink Bride // Photo courtesy of Candace Wilson Photography


Gone are the days of cultural taboos, so if you want to wear a red dress down the aisle, do! If you’re a fan of today’s traditional bridal white, though, waltz down the aisle in the hottest fashions on the runway. Either way, if you’re happy, you’ll be gorgeous!


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Photos courtesy of Candace Wilson Photographer.