Find out exactly what you need in your wedding weekend itinerary to keep guests happy and entertained throughout their stay!


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Wedding weekends are all the rage, often because brides and grooms opt for destination weddings or have family and friends attending from all over the world. Instead of bringing everyone to a foreign land just for your wedding, make sure your wedding guests are entertained for the length of their stay with a weekend full of interesting activities. This will ensure they have just as much of a blast as you do during the days surrounding your nuptials!


For starters, keep in mind that wedding weekends are just like wedding ceremonies and receptions: you don’t have to follow one simple plan for the celebration. Couples opt for wedding weekends because they’re just long enough to give guests great memories, but just short enough to get them home in time to go back to the daily grind without much stress. So, a weekend itinerary from Friday to Sunday is the perfect option for guests! And if you’re planning to host one, you really do need something each day for guests.


Here’s the general outline I use:


  • Friday evening dinner

  • Saturday morning breakfast

  • Saturday midday activity, followed by lunch

  • Saturday wedding, followed by the reception and dinner

  • Sunday morning brunch

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While I won’t actually flesh out a timeline for you (the times are unique to every wedding), as long as you leave a comfortable amount of time between your activities, most guests will stay totally happy throughout the weekend. Do keep in mind that you don’t have to plan every second of your guests’ stay – nor should you. They’re big boys and girls and likely want to take time to relax or explore on their own, rather than feel like they’re at a regimented work conference. So let them cherish the “down times” – after all, they’ll likely need them to charge up for dancing at your reception!

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Friday evening dinner

This is a bit like a welcome to all of your guests. Some people prefer to call this a rehearsal dinner instead. (Just keep in mind that your rehearsal should be limited to the actual people participating in the ceremony!)

I also love the idea of hosting an optional activity after the dinner that will be fun for all involved, like a bonfire or cocktail party to get guests mingling and chatting.


Saturday morning breakfast

Have a variety of morning items for guests to eat and drink. Consider having a signature mimosa or wedding punch for them to celebrate your day with, too!


Saturday midday activity, followed by lunch

This could be flag football for the guys and a nice tea party for the ladies, or you could bring everyone together for a common activity like yard games. Or, you could combine the midday activity with lunch if you have adventurous guests. Consider a simple cooking class or fajita station where guests create their own meal in a slightly more interactive way than a buffet.

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Saturday wedding, followed by the reception and meal

Here’s the big event! Include your wedding ceremony time and details about the reception on your itinerary to keep guests in-the-know. Don’t assume they’ll remember to bring their invitation along for the ride or remember the time or place of your wedding ceremony. Lay it all out for them up front to avoid annoying questions and late arrivals later.

Want the party to keep going so you have more time with friends and family? Opt for a killer after-party somewhere close by. (Make sure you call a cab service or reserve a trolley to transport guests who’ve been drinking, though.)


Sunday morning brunch

The final goodbyes of the weekend generally happen here with a late breakfast that doubles as lunch just before guests head out for their plane or road trip back home.

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Finally, do keep in mind that wedding weekends aren’t for the faint of budget. If you claim to be hosting a wedding weekend, it’s generally implied that you’re fronting the bill for the food, drink, and activities listed within the itinerary. When budget limits your options, consider simply giving guests a list of suggested activities and restaurants nearby for them to try out in their own time if they so choose. That way they know not to leave their wallet in the hotel room!




What other tips do you have for a wedding weekend itinerary?

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