One of my favorite parts about weddings has always been the music and dancing. There’s just something really fun about seeing the groups of people who have never met each other before get out onto the dance floor together and have a fabulous time. It’s hard to beat seeing the groom’s best friends from his college days showing the bride’s grandmother how to do the Cupid Shuffle!


However, in order to be able to get all these different groups onto the dance floor in the first place, you’ll want to make sure you have a wedding DJ who knows how to get everybody excited about the music. Where do you start when interviewing DJs for your wedding? I spoke with Adam Loeffler of Details Nashville, the Nashville-based full-service event planning specialists, to learn about the seven questions you’ll definitely want to ask your potential wedding DJ.

{Seven Questions You'll Want to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Signing a Contract} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Details Nashville. || #wedding #dj #dancing #music #reception

1. What are the different packages you offer?

Especially if you happen to be a bride on a budget, you’ll want to be sure you check with the DJ to see if she offers packages of varying price levels. Adam explains that it’s good to find a  DJ who will offer these different packages, because not every couple needs or wants the same services or time frames as another couple. Figure out your budget and what services you’re expecting and make sure you communicate that with the wedding DJ to find the best package to fit your needs.


2. Do you take requests?

This is another point you’ll definitely want to talk to your DJ about beforehand. If you want your wedding reception to be a really open, fun, free-for-all music-wise experience, you’ll want to be sure your DJ is comfortable taking requests throughout the night. Adam tells us to also check with the DJ to see how he would handle any requests that come in during the event. If you and your groom only want specific songs or a certain type of music played, you’ll want to be sure your DJ will veto any requests for tunes that are not on “the list,” or at least check with your or the groom before playing them.

{Seven Questions You'll Want to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Signing a Contract} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Details Nashville. || #wedding #dancing #music #reception

3. What happens if you’re sick the day of the wedding?

You’ve found the perfect wedding DJ who knows exactly what kind of music you love and that you don’t, for any reason whatsoever, want any Sir Mix-a-Lot played during your reception. Unfortunately, on your big day, your DJ comes down with the flu. Adam urges brides to find out from their DJ how he’ll handle this sort of circumstance. Will he just give his next-door neighbor a call and ask him to fill in? Or, does he have other DJs he works with that can be filled in quickly on the music dos and don’ts and can step in?


4. How much talking will you do during the event?

Throughout the night during your wedding reception, all sorts of different announcements will be made – from toasts to informing guests when certain special dances are about to commence. Adam explains that brides will want to check with their DJ to see if she’s cool with playing music and doing the talking or if another person will have to be brought in to serve as master of ceremonies.


5. What kind of equipment do you use?

Even if you’re not a particularly tech-savvy gal, Adam suggests asking your potential DJ what type of equipment will be used for the event. You can always look up your DJ’s replies later to see if he’s working with high-quality equipment or more of the sub-standard variety. Also be sure to find out what kind of lighting your DJ will be using and if it’s included in the package or will be an additional cost. Adam highly recommends getting references for your wedding DJ and checking out videos of past events he’s worked to see if his style matches your own.

{Seven Questions You'll Want to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Signing a Contract} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Details Nashville. || #wedding #dancing #music #reception

6. What do you wear for the event?

While many DJs tend to dress in a business casual style while working weddings, your own wedding may be much more formal or laid-back, so Adam says it’s very important to find out in the initial consultation with your DJ what he will be wearing the day of the event. As long as you’re up-front about what style you’d prefer your DJ to dress in, there should be no confusion on the big day.


7. What are your overtime policies?

Perhaps it just took a little extra time for everyone to loosen up enough to finally get on the dance floor, or maybe Great-Aunt Mabel has just learned how to Dougie and doesn’t want to stop showing off her newly-acquired skills anytime soon. Whatever the case, you may want your DJ to stay a little longer than originally planned, so Adam suggests finding out about her overtime policies. Some DJs are totally fine with going over the allotted time and simply charge an hourly fee for each additional hour, while others insist on leaving as soon as the originally agreed upon time arrives.

{Seven Questions You'll Want to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Signing a Contract} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Details Nashville. || #wedding #dancing #music #reception #bride #groom

Feel a little more prepared for meeting up with potential wedding DJs now? Details Nashville would love to help spin the hits for your big day! Also, since they offer a variety of event services – from DJs, photography, and videography to catering, invitation design, and actual wedding coordination – Details Nashville is a spectacular resource for making a masterpiece of your wedding. Be sure to check out the Details Nashville website, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Give Adam a call at (615) 567-3850, and tell him The Pink Bride sent you!




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