I am a self-proclaimed wedding cake lover. Every time I’m at a wedding, I just can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the dreamy tiered creation showcased in the dining room. These fabulously sweet endings to your wedding reception meal can certainly pack a punch when it comes to your wedding budget for numerous reasons, though. If you’re not careful, the budget you’ve set for your wedding cake may not be nearly enough!


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I chatted with Robyn Smotherman last week of Murfreesboro wedding cake bakery Robyn’s Nest to discuss what all can affect the cost of your wedding cake, and she had some great commentary! Before your dreams for a glorious confection creation get shot down by the price tag, read the five ways your cost can increase dramatically below.


1. Fondant, or buttercream?

Fondant can change the taste of your cake and can up your costs big time, which are two reasons why many brides are weary of fondant on their wedding cakes. However, if you’ve got an intricate, smooth, and flawless, sculpted design in mind, chances are that you’re wanting a fondant cake! Your baker ices your cake with buttercream first, and then the fondant is placed over it with a gorgeous finish. Nothing says you have to go all one way or the other, though! “At least 95% of our orders go with buttercream,” Robyn states. However, she goes on to detail that you can have fondant elements and still get that sculpted look for a fraction of the price. At Robyn’s Nest, fondant increases your cost by 50 cents per serving or more, depending on other factors.


2. Guest count.

Of course, how many people you’ll be serving cake to definitely changes the amount of cake – and money – you need for the order. If you’re keeping your top tier, your baker needs to know in order to adjust your tier and order size as well. Keep in mind also that most professional bakers do have a minimum order requirement. Robyn’s Nest offers some great money-saving options for brides with large cake orders, too, such as using sheet cakes for the serving pieces to save on the number of tiers needed in the actual wedding cake.


{What to Consider in Your Wedding Cake Budget} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo courtesy of the Robyn's Nest Facebook page || #wedding #cake #tennessee #nashville #murfreesboro

3. Premium flavors or fillings.

Many professional bakers do charge a premium price for their more luxurious, exotic flavors and fillings, so keep this in mind if you have a unique flavor combination in mind. Robyn’s Nest actually doesn’t charge extra for “special” flavors and fillings for the time being, however. They also provide the option of each tier featuring a different flavor at no additional cost!


4. How detailed the design is.

Naturally, how intricate your design is determines how much time your baker must take creating and perfecting your cake, so if your design is quite elaborate, expect your bill to reflect this! In fact, Robyn describes that this detail in particular really does make all the difference in the world to your final costs.


5. Delivery, set-up, and other costs.

Keep in mind that the cake alone isn’t the only cost to consider. Once it’s finished, you’ll likely want your professional to transport the cake and set it up at your reception venue since it’s such a delicate creation. This too can affect your bottom line. Robyn’s Nest offers delivery and setup for 50 cents per mile outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Another cost involved in the cake that you may not consider? The cake cutting! While this is generally something your caterer or wedding planner will take care of, do consider this within part of your overall budget.


What’s the best thing that you can do regarding your wedding cake budget? “Have a budget in mind to discuss with your baker,” Robyn details. She also stated that brides should understand what they really want, and be willing to compromise if something is out of their budget. Your baker may be able to provide a similar look for a lot less money! Just ask for their professional opinion.

{What to Consider in Your Wedding Cake Budget} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo courtesy of the Robyn's Nest Facebook page || #wedding #cake #tennessee #nashville #murfreesboro

Robyn details that she’s been designing amazing wedding cakes for brides and grooms for four years. She attended culinary school at the Art Institute in Nashville and spent 1 ½ years running her wedding cake business out of her commercial kitchen. Four months ago, she decided to open up a storefront for Robyn’s Nest in Murfreesboro, Tennessee! Robyn’s Nest can provide any design or vision you have for your wedding cake, including cupcake wedding cakes. They even have beautiful stands and pedestals available for rent!


If Robyn’s Nest sounds like the perfect Tennessee wedding cake baker for your big day, give her a call today at (615) 849-1900, and be sure to visit their website and Facebook page too. Tell Robyn that The Pink Bride sent you!



All photos courtesy of the Robyn’s Nest Facebook page.