For many brides, the first time they’ll have hair and makeup done professionally or opt for other professional spa and salon services will be around their wedding day. Throw in the chaos of planning and scheduling events around the biggest day of your life, and these appointments can get a little stressful!

With those facts in mind, I called up premier Memphis area salon and spa, Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa, to learn just when you need to have those bridal beauty appointments scheduled to look your best on wedding day. Bridal Coordinator Amanda Davidson provided amazingly helpful commentary!


Weight Loss Assistance & Botox: Ask for a consultation as soon as possible.

Feel your most beautiful with these professional services designed to make you look your best.

Studio LaRue hosts a variety of professionals on its staff, qualified to give you the desired look you’ve always wanted for your big day. Call Amanda as soon as possible to discuss these options and set up a consultation to plan out a regimen that works for you!

Bride after just having hair and makeup done by Memphis salon and spa, Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa. Featured on The Pink Bride {When to Schedule Bridal Beauty Appointments}

Hair and Makeup Trials: 2-3 months out

Wedding hair and makeup trials help you relax on the big day, knowing your stylists are aware of exactly what you want. Not to mention, your hair and makeup trials are the perfect opportunity to look fabulous in your bridal portraits!

Amanda suggests that brides schedule these services together anywhere from two to three months out from the wedding. This timing is strategically suggested just in case brides decide they don’t like the way their hair and makeup looks after the trial. The best part is that Studio LaRue won’t charge extra for a “do-over” if you don’t like the end results of the trial!


Waxing Services: 1 week out

Make sure your skin is silky smooth and not irritated on wedding day by scheduling your waxing services ahead of time. Waxing makes sure your skin is smoothed to perfection on wedding day, and it saves you a ton of time shaving on the honeymoon!

Amanda details that brides should have any waxing services done one week before the wedding to ensure all redness and possible skin irritation is gone and healed by the big day. Whether you’re opting for facial waxing or a Brazilian wax, they offer a wide range of services to meet your needs as well as a full lineup of preferred professional products. These products include brands such as Dermalogica and Obaji, so you’re sure to get the best during your visit!

Bride having a facial done by Memphis salon and spa, Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa. Featured on The Pink Bride {When to Schedule Bridal Beauty Appointments}

Facials: At least 5-7 days out (longer for peels)

Brides may also opt for multiple sessions from 3-4 months out, depending on their needs.

Purify and brighten your skin and its appearance with amazing facial options before your wedding. The type of facial you should look into really depends on the goal and desired outcome you want for your wedding, whether that’s to give you a pre-wedding glow or beat that stress acne to the finish line!

At Studio LaRue, depending on the client’s needs, they can customize a facial regimen once a month for three to four months even before your engagement session. This makes sure you look your best at every event around your big day. If you’re just wanting a pre-wedding glow, consider scheduling your facial five to seven days from your wedding date – but keep in mind that it should be longer for peels. Again, call Amanda to set up a consultation for a facial regimen that will help meet all your individual needs!

Brides at styled shoot with hair and makeup by Memphis salon and spa Studio LaRue, featured on The Pink Bride {When to Schedule Bridal Beauty Appointments}

Back Facials: 5-7 days out

If you have a low-cut back to your wedding dress, or you just want to make sure your back is clear and glowing while you sport a bikini on the honeymoon, consider this option! Studio LaRue often offers this service for brides and clients, and it’s best to have done five to seven days in advance.


Manicures and Pedicures: Up to 3 days out

These services make your hands and feet feel and look amazing on the most important day of your life. Depending on the type of polish you opt for, you may be able to get these services completed up to three days in advance.

At Studio LaRue, Amanda can help you decide on the perfect day and time for these services, and the technicians at the spa will even touch up your mani/pedi the day of the wedding if you get any chips! Studio LaRue even offers these services within their amazing day-before bridal packages to make you feel beautiful and stress-free.

Bride having massage therapy by Memphis salon and spa, Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa. Featured on The Pink Bride {When to Schedule Bridal Beauty Appointments}

Massages: Any time!

Let the stress of the event soak out of your body with a luxurious massage. While massages have no set day and time that would be “best” for you as a bride, it certainly all depends upon your timeline and schedule the week of the wedding. If you’ll be crazy busy, it may be easier to plan for a nice stress-busting massage earlier in the week, rather than waiting for the day-of.

Bride after just having hair and makeup done by Memphis salon and spa, Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa. Featured on The Pink Bride {When to Schedule Bridal Beauty Appointments}

Wedding Day Hair & Makeup: Allot enough time in your day-of timeline to have this completed without running behind to other appointments.

Have a pro handle the little details on your wedding day! Naturally, your wedding day hair and makeup will be scheduled for your wedding day, but you should make sure you allot the appropriate amount of time in your pre-ceremony schedule to make sure you don’t fall behind. As with your trial runs, make sure you wear a white button-down top, and bring all of your hair accessories for the big day (including the veil)!

Not sure you want to go all around town to get your hair and makeup finished? Your Studio LaRue stylist and makeup artist can come to you instead. They’ll even do touch-ups for you before you walk down the aisle!


Bridal Coordinator at Memphis salon and spa Studio LaRue, Amanda Davidson

Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa has been serving the Memphis area for nearly 20 years. It’s a family owned business focused on amazing styles, modern designs, and impeccable customer service. In fact, much of their business comes from repeat customers!

They offer fabulous Day-Before Packages for you and your bridesmaids, and they can even arrange for a bridal brunch featuring lunch items and mimosas as you get your hair and makeup finished there! Studio LaRue offers a full line of salon and spa services and specializes in weddings.

As the Bridal Coordinator for the salon and spa, Amanda will be your contact for all planning services surrounding your big day. She can arrange nearly anything you’d like, even including spa packages for your bachelorette party, where each lady in your entourage can customize the services to what she wants.

If you’d like to learn more about Studio LaRue, or if you’d like to schedule your services for your wedding, give Amanda a call at (901) 685-8266. Better hurry, though – stylists tend to book months in advance, so call today!  Also connect with Studio LaRue via Facebook and their website. Tell Amanda that The Pink Bride sent you!



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