Add even more meaning to your wedding by using special and important colors.

A marriage is a special occasion in many people’s lives, and it is important that the colors chosen for such a significant event have some thought put into them. All colors are beautiful, but the right colors paired together make an even bigger impact! This color trio makes for a perfect wedding color palette because it is simple, but also strong. Lavender is quite a popular color and flower. It’s known for its graceful elegance, as well as its healing power on the mind and body. Blue is known as the color that represents trust, confidence, and loyalty. Green is the color of life and harmony. Surround yourself with these colors on your big day to promote a positive and healthy atmosphere for the start of your new life with your partner, and your friends and family.


Turn the woods from a place of deep and dark mystery into surprising charm and wonder.

Sometimes the woods are seen as a dangerous and scary place that is meant to be avoided. Its eerie nature can draw people away from it and cause them to miss out on all the beauty it has to offer. Using the woods as a venue can be used to your advantage. This nature-filled venue offers scenic views that many pay thousands of dollars to recreate. Any outdoors wedding can be a wondrous event when done the right way, and these colors are sure to bring light and life into any nature-filled scene. Lavender, blue, and green are colors that can be found in nature, so using them as the main colors of your wedding will give an organic and fresh feel to your big day.


A nature-themed wedding is perfect for any boho bride.

Boho-chic brides are all about simple, organic settings, and details when it comes to everything else. Whether it’s a simple backyard-themed wedding, or a wedding in the mountains, natural settings are always the go-to places for a bride who loves the boho style. It allows for the addition of all the details a boho-chic bride may want to include like fringe, feathers, gems and stones, rugs with colorful patterns, and you definitely can’t leave out the endless number of florals!


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Wondrous Woodlands Wedding Color Palette Inspiration Board With Lavender Pastel Blue and Stone Green Details | | The Pink Bride®


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