Let’s face it, brides: while we may hope and plan and pray for the best on our wedding day, Murphy’s Law often proves to be true. What can go wrong, will go wrong!


That doesn’t mean that we have to simply accept all the little (or big!) hiccups that come up on the most important day of our lives, though. One surefire way to beat back the unexpected is to prepare yourself with great advice and a well-stocked bridal emergency kit!


We chatted with Sonya Scott, Tennessee’s only Master Bridal Consultant™ with the Association of Bridal Consultants and owner of The Bridal Suite and A Perfect Day!, to learn just what brides need in their emergency kits the day of the wedding. She also let us in on a few interesting pieces of advice to ensure your day goes smoothly, so read on for more information!

How to build your bridal emergency kit! || {Your Bridal Emergency Kit} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Waldorf Photographic Art


What you need to begin your Bridal Emergency Kit:

1. emery board, nail glue, manicure set, clear polish (Clear polish is great for stocking runs!)

2. dental floss

3. makeup

4. Advil / stomach meds

5. tampons

6. tissues

7. straws (So the bride doesn’t mess up her lipstick!)

8. breath freshener

9. clear deodorant

10. contact lens fluid (if needed)

11. lotion

12. Band-Aids

13. spray bottle with Zout and a white cloth

14. mending kit, scissors, safety pins

15. bobby pins and hairspray


How to build your bridal emergency kit! || {Your Bridal Emergency Kit} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of A Perfect Day! Facebook page



One aspect of your day that can’t be fixed by a bridal emergency kit is a mismanaged budget. With that in mind, Sonya details that you should get a list of priorities and a full vision for your day before spending any money or signing contracts! This is the first step in making sure that your day goes smoothly.


Another piece of advice from Sonya is to make sure the bridesmaids are focused on helping the bride. Sometimes the other ladies get wrapped up in their own hair, makeup, and nails, and they forget to really make sure that the bride doesn’t need them first. Sonya states, “Bridesmaids, please remember to give the bride help.” We agree!

I always say that timelines are the backbone of the wedding day, and Sonya states that you should talk with your photographer in advance and get an idea of his or her timeline before planning your own. Your photographer will know when it will be best to complete pre-ceremony photos – normally the first time you need to be completely ready and dressed that day!

When it comes to appointments, consider having your nails done the day before the wedding to cut back on issues that may arise with timing. This also will allow you to have touch-ups the next day if needed. Make your hair and makeup appointments at least an hour before you would think they are needed, too, taking into account your photographer’s timeline. “Let the bride go first,” Sonya advises. This ensures that if timing gets way off, at least the bride is completely ready to go.

How to build your bridal emergency kit! || {Your Bridal Emergency Kit} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Bryan Allen Photography

If you’re in need of a fabulous consulting service without the cost of an actual planner, contact Sonya at The Bridal Suite at 865.622.9197, and visit the website, Twitter account, and Facebook page, too. If you’re the bride who knows she’ll need a lot more help the day-of, contact Sonya about her full wedding planning services via A Perfect Day! at 865.622.2093, and contact her on the website, Twitter, and Facebook as well. Learn more about Sonya in the Spotlight feature we did on her this past summer, too! Tell Sonya The Pink Bride sent you!

Top photo courtesy of Waldorf Photographic Art.
Middle photo courtesy of the A Perfect Day! Facebook page.
Bottom photo courtesy of Bryan Allen Photography.